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    Greetings from a noob

    Hey, I'm new to the forums. I think I registered a while ago but I probably forgot my password and username.

    I first found this site through the videos Nice job by the way, as if you guys probably don't hear that enough), but I've read threads here in my spare time when I was bored.

    Anyway, I'd just like to say hey and stuff, so that it doesn't seem awkward/weird if I randomly post somewhere.

    -Cyprus from Fairy

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    Coincidentally I found BG's site through the videos too <.<

    Also, on a creepier note, you're on my server <.<

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    Yeah, I saw you shouting in Port Jeuno about something. "STFU" or something like that..can't be sure when it was. Maybe when Chaoscircle put down 7 million for the Durandal...can't be sure though :X

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    When the hell do I care what he buys? I think he's in the LS I do Dynamis with, but, we say STFU too much in Jeuno on Fairy it's hard to remember :D

    Now, STFU! >.>

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