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    Hello~ New Vid on the Block

    Hello everyone, this is the last video I did here hope you all like it. Had fun making it. Please Right Click Video if you want to enlarge.

    Click Diablos Pimping Video On Main Page

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    still need to know what codec ya boon >.<

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    good old windowsmedia player all you need,, maybe you need to go get update?

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    you still need codecs to play videos in wmp

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    ok after right clicking the vid gives me this.,,

    Length 5:52
    Bit Rate: 1.00mbps
    Media Type: Video
    Video Size: 640 x480
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    Audio Codec: Widows Media Audio 9.1
    Video Codec: Windows Media Video 9

    Hope this all you need... Anyone else having an issue viewing?

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    HAHAHAAH my bad..I re did my pc and still running version 8 >.>

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    tod you = a nub XD

    come on is it that bad? ; ; guess im not cut out to make vids

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    reconsider the music choice, it made me click the x pretty fast

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    oh yeah, and the fact the the entire video is shot from basically the same spot without any sort of special attention to camera, and then half of the video is a cut scene with random non entertaining comments here and there makes it blah

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    ouch ; ; ok then thanks. Even tho your first post wouldnt hold up since you know what the ending was like but oh well. Im not all that in videos but will try some time in the future.

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    well I decided to skip through it to see if anything else happened, then clicked the x, not trying to be a dick or anything, just being honest

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    hey totally understand. Just some music is just > then others. NP @ all ya im working on a Real Vid soon with all Missions --> Sea Kinda Fun but music will be for all to enjoy =P

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