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    planning my return to FFXI......

    I plan to return to FFXI after a year off. I know this will take forever to level up again and stuff, but i miss it. Anyways, my question for you guys is this....

    I had it on my PC, but my PC is dead now, and i lost the cd's, so i have to buy a new copy anyways. Is it tough to install on a PS2? I have not even touched my PS2 in like 6 months, so i have no idea how to get it online or anything. Would i be better off fixing my computer and running it on there or figuring out how to and install it on my PS2?


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    Both have their advantages, I prefer the PC cause you have more freedom and you can do cool stuff with it (Fraps, Vanahand all that jazz).

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    PSII has access to a lot of neat icons. If you're into creating macros that ppl can recognizably notice and for a little art, it's for you. But as a PC player, it's just nice cuz you can type a lot faster and stuff.

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