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    Smells like Onions
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    Questions ^^;

    Heya guys and congratz for all your movies hehe ... i have a few questions about them. :D
    I wonder if you make your videos with Fraps or an other program ? Cause i only know Fraps atm ... and that really sux

    Well thx for reply ~ Take care !

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    CoP Dynamis
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    I could be mistaken, but the way Ondori records his footage is using some external video recording device (a DSR, a mini DV cam, something digital) and edits it in some non-linear video editing program. The details can be seen here:

    Quote Originally Posted by rooster
    ---Carbuncle's Mittens Vid---
    Band: Unknown(Mrwatermonkey's friend's FF remix)
    Song: Unkown

    ---Cassie Vid----
    Band: Rage Aganist the Machine
    Song: Gorilla Radio

    ---Rapido Vid----
    Band:Ventura (?)
    Songulp Fiction Theme

    ---Genbu Vid---
    Band: Hot Butter
    Song: Popcorn

    ---Suzaku-Genbu Vid---
    Band: Dragon Ash
    Song: Bring it on

    ---Seiryu-Suzake-Genbu Vid---
    Band: Matrix II sound track
    Song: (forget, sorry)

    ---God Domination Vid---
    Song:Stare at the sun

    ---Sando Dynamis Vid---
    Band:Atari Teenage Riot

    ---Kirin Freed Vid---

    ---Nidhogg Slayers---

    ---Beaucedine on my mind---
    band:Billy Holiday
    song:I'll be seeing you

    Band:Dust brothers
    Song:Fight club theme

    Band: FFX
    Song:FFVII - Boss Battle music (remix)

    ---Sky Otsuya---
    First half
    Band: Boneymon
    Song: Aura Blue

    Second half
    Band: Ramstein
    Song: Bang Bang (feuer frei)

    ---Aspid ATTACK!---
    Band: Muse
    Song: New Born

    ---Tiamat Tonight---
    Band: Bassic
    Song: Excalibur Theme (Remix)

    Band: X Japan
    Song: Kurenai

    Software that i use.... This changes every video to try to push the limits.

    I use a cross of:
    -Sound editing program that I had to make myself, via C++ programming language.
    -Adobe to make cool looking single frames.
    -Pinnacle Studios 8.0 for all the video editing cutting, and scene changes.
    -Hollywood FX 4.6 for all of the 3D Scene changes, and anything 3D.
    -Metasequoia 7.0(?), a JP program that is used for modeling and skining.
    -Various other programs for converting models and other images into .lwo or lightwave files to then use in other programs for transitions.
    -Starting to look for a new program to do more with Text.
    As you can see it's pretty massive the quantity of programs Ondori uses. I've seen a few of them, used a few of them (Hollywood FX to name one). A good video can have footage from fraps. But suffice it to say, you are the filmmaker. You decide how you want it portrayed.

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    Melee Summoner
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    OMG Fox what is up? Fooking long time no talk. Damn MSN is broken, I cant see you online. PM me a message on how we can actually talk again!!!

    Also, yes I am almost positive he uses an extrernal video recording device like Zaris said^^

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    lol, i first noticed he used an external video because some of the vids were slanted lol >_>

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    CoP Dynamis
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    May 2005
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    I tried to do a similar thing for my sophomore university project (make a story told by FFXI characters). You'd be surprised what it looks like in the viewfinder seems straight, but it isn't at all.

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