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    Funny yet sad


    Don't forget to check the forums!

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    Re: Funny yet sad

    Quote Originally Posted by Sekkite

    Don't forget to check the forums!
    My life has been validated. There are bigger losers than I, and they wrote that website.

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    lmao, I thought that was a joke, then saw the pages on pages of rules etc.

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    1. Safety First! Always ensure that all players have removed sharp jewellery and watches.
    I wouldn't play otherwise.

    6. Think twice before using RPS for life-threatening decisions.
    When else would I use it? For fun?

    7. Always respect foreign cultures. When abroad consider yourself an ambassador of the World RPS Society.
    L-O-S-E-R, LOSER!

    Play against the Online Trainer with your own fist in front of your monitor

    FISTFUL O' DOLLARS: This move took the 1967 RPS World Championships by surprise and is arguably still one of the great surprise offensive moves.
    World Championships.... in 1967?... Did I read that right?

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    An entire article about the use of dynamite in Rock Paper Scissors.. I'm not sure if it's serious.. If it is, I'm not sure whether to laugh, or cry.

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    I thought I was a loser.

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    Anyone got the link to the site with Saddam Husajisndvbadguy doing this in the courtroom? Forgot to favoritze it. ; ;

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    Re: Funny yet sad

    Dealing with Slow-Learners

    Keep the crappy children around in order to boost the confidence of your mid-range players. Mid-level players need these crummy players around so that they always have someone to beat should they need a confidence boost.

    Appealing to “Beyond Help” players

    If there is nothing positive say about a player then your only option at this point is to pepper them with confusing notions to make the child “feel” that they are being coached even when they are uncoachable. Many children at this age are terrified of their coaches, so use this to your advantage. As an added bonus, the more that children have difficulty understanding your direction and teaching, the more they will respect and want to learn from you. This also has the effect of keeping the children under your “grip”, as they will continue to see you as the only way out of their pitiful slump.

    wtf, lol

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