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    Yay for PSP

    After an hour of clicking retry, I think it's time to find something better to do.

    PSP owns, doesn't it? I sure as hell think so. I should buy more games ;( I only have Need for Speed + a couple of movies + some hentai for my little hand-held buddy. lol <3

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    I haven't turned off my PS2 since lastnight. Wont turn it off til SE fixes everything or another update.

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    I said PSP, not PS2 >_>

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    I miss your boobs.

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    I guess I'm lucky that I get to see my boobs everyday then.

    btw, i figured out it was the windower that was causing me to not be able to log in >_>

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    Relic Shield
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    hey didn't you quit?

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    Sea Torques
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    I actually agree with you on this Mif. I have to admit though, Set's posts were good for comedic relief.

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    Didn't we already go through this? I quit for 3 weeks, but eventually talked Mako into getting over it.

    Raginbull, my rl drama is comedic relief for you? gtfo. If you find a situation that drives a girl to the brink of needing antidepressants funny, you should re-evaluate your life. Something is wrong with you. Please don't mention this shit again. I'll pwn you.

    ::hugs and kisses:: <3

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    Hey remember when Mifaco teleported across the room and claimed Mysticmaker ?

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