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    Corrupt File

    I have a corrupt file,
    PlayOnline > SquarEnix > Final Fantasy XI > ROM > 3 > 56.DAT

    I ran file check and it told me to reinstal all of FFXI -.-

    Is it possible to just have someone that has caught the last update send me the file via e-mail.
    If so would someone PM me and ill give you my e-mail address. If you could send me the file
    it would make my life a lot easier. thx

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    you've been playing with your moogle eh?

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    i did a long time ago i changed it to the nomad moogle but everything worked fine up till the update. soon as i finished downloading it said there was a corrupt file. not sure how to fix it

    I found the old moogle file and pasted it in... still get the error

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    I ran a file check of FFXI when it was brand new. It found one corrupt file there. Just don't trust the file checker. I'm sure you're not the only one who has found this problem.

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    actually, if i remember right, someones antivirus picked up that file as a virus. maybe thats how it got fuked

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    i wouldnt mind the corrupt file if it wasnt hurting anything....
    but i cant play, it won't let me get to character select screen

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