Since I quit FFXI, CoP is out of reach for me. I got as far as Chapter 2-5. But from listening to you all, I kinda regret missing out on it. I always wanted to read about the whole story about CoP. I was given a crash course of events up to chapter 5 but I didn't have the time to digest it all. I'd appreciate if somebody could tell me the ENTIRE story of Chains of Promathia, what emptiness is, how Diablos is connected to Dynamis, how Bahamut and Promathia are tied together, is Nag'moloche (sp) Zilart, all that kinda stuff. It would mean a lot to me if I could read the story here or somewhere on another link.

Also while we're at it, post how you feel about the entire CoP storyline. Was it good? Bad? Constructive criticisms appreciated. Thanks.