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    In-game refs. to lands not on the Vanadiel map (spoilers)

    Found this mildly interesting and decided to see what I could find...


    From Kerrigan of Asura's awesome History of Vanadiel:

    Hints of the "Eastern Empire" run rampant in the game. Until an expansion reveals this location, here is what we know:
    -It is currently being enveloped by the empitness from the south, while barbarian hordes are now able to cross the rivers into the Empire.
    -Tenzen is just an envoy of the Empire, and his real "role" is unknown. The Empire itself is ruled by an emperor and princess.
    -The Empire has officially declared war on Jeuno by the end of CoP.
    So I mined through all the item descriptions I could think of and found this:

    Elder Branch
    Description: A branch taken from the Elder's Tree, located in a far off land.

    Northern Fur
    Description: An animal skin covered with thick, long fur. Import is prohibited to protect the local industry.


    Taffeta Cloth
    Description: This soft, lustrous cloth has been woven using extremely complex techniques originating from countries in the Far South.

    Damascene Cloth
    Description: This cloth was woven using a long and complicated process. It is traditional cloth woven in a land far to the south.

    Damascus Ingot
    Description: An veined alloy ingot. It is wrought in a manner taught in a land far to the south.

    Garhada Teak Lumber
    Description: A processed piece of lumber made from a rare tree only found on the southern island of Garhada.

    Rheiyoh Leather
    Description: A square of leather made from the skin of a variety of sheep found in countries to the south.

    Curry Powder
    Description: Over eleven herbs and spices have been blended to form this pungent powder. The mixture is said to have originated in a land far to the south.

    Southern Mummy
    Description: Advanced mummification techniques have been used to preserve the body of this strange creature. It is considered a hazardous item and its import is strictly prohibited.

    Tsahyan Mask
    Description: Said to resemble the spirits of the jungle, this ornamental mask was carved on the island nation of Tsahya, far to the south.


    Cheviot Cloth
    Description: This soft cloth is woven from a rare type of wool, using techniques originating from an island in the Far West.

    Description: Bleached white, this durable cloth is used in garments popular in the Far West.

    Description: A zesty sauce used by chefs specializing in dishes originating in the Far West.


    Shakudo Ingot
    Description: This variety of blood-red copper is found in the Far East.

    Sarcenet Cloth
    Description: This finely textured cloth has been woven using extremely complex techniques originating from countries in the Far East.

    Description: A lump of steel wrought in a manner taught in a land far to the east.

    Kunwu Iron
    Description: An ingot of kunwu iron, smelted using a traditional Far Eastern method.

    Damp Scroll
    Description: This scroll of far-eastern origin is a little damp.

    Eastern Paper
    Description: This high-quality paper has been made with advanced methods known only to those living in the Eastern empire.

    Eastern Gem
    Description: These flat, round jade stones are treasured in lands to the Far East.

    Eastern Pottery
    Description: This pottery is world-renowned for its color and texture. Import is prohibited to protect the local industry.

    Black Bubble-Eye
    Description: As its name implies, the area around the eyes of this freshwater goldfish from the Far East is round and swollen.

    Description: This freshwater fish from the Far East is plump and difficult to scoop. It is easily recognized by its lack of a dorsal fin.

    Tiny Goldfish
    Description: This red, minuscule freshwater goldfish from the Far East is often the dinner of larger carnivorous predators.

    Ground Wasabi
    Description: Eat too much of this Eastern spice and your sinuses will be clear for months.

    Rice Vinegar
    Description: A traditional Eastern vinegar made by fermenting rice.

    Sticky Rice
    Description: This grain is imported from a land far to the east. When cooked, it has a consistency slightly more glutinous than normal Tarutaru rice.

    Description: A wooden "top" from the Far East.

    Description: Originating from a country in the Far East, this black coating, made from the sap of the lacquer tree, is often used on wooden crafts.

    Cashmere Wool
    Description: This lustrous wool is found on a rare variety of sheep bred only in Near Eastern nations.

    Garlic Cracker
    Description: A traditional cracker from a land far to the east.

    Spicy Cracker
    Description: A traditional cracker from a land far to the east.

    Bream Sushi
    Description: Sliced, raw bream served on a small portion of sweet vinegar rice--a popular dish in the eastern empire.

    Carp Sushi
    Description: A traditional fish dish from a land far to the east.

    Dorado Sushi
    Description: Sliced, noble lady served on a small portion of sweet vinegar rice--a popular dish in the eastern empire.

    Sole Sushi
    Description: Sliced, raw sole served on a small portion of sweet vinegar rice--a popular dish in the eastern empire.

    Sole Sushi +1
    Description: Only a master chef could have produced such a fine display of Eastern cuisine.

    Squid Sushi
    Description: Sliced, raw squid served on a small portion of sweet vinegar rice--a popular dish in the eastern empire.

    Tuna Sushi
    Description: Sliced, raw tuna served on a small portion of sweet vinegar rice--a popular dish in the eastern empire.

    Moon Ball
    Description: In far-eastern countries, these rice dumplings are made as offerings to the moon.

    Festive Fan
    Description: Use this large paper fan to cool off when it is hot outside. The Far Eastern character for "festival" is printed on it.

    Summer Fan
    Description: Use this large paper fan to cool off when it is hot outside. The Far Eastern character for "summer" is printed on it.

    Kongou Inaho
    Description: A firework from a land far to the east.

    Konron Hassen
    Description: A firework from a land far to the east.

    Ouka Ranman
    Description: A firework from a land far to the east.

    Vermilion Lacquer
    Description: This variety of stunning red paint originates in the Far East.

    Viridian Urushi
    Description: This variety of blue-green urushi is widely used in the Far East.

    Habu Skin
    Description: This molt comes from the deadly habu snake found in the Far East.

    Kejusu Satin
    Description: Made from a blend of wool and cotton, this Far Eastern cloth is extremely smooth and lustrous.

    Description: A festive bamboo display popular in the Far East.

    Banishing Charm
    Description: A charm made in a land far to the east. It is believed to banish evil.

    Cloud Evoker
    Description: A stone once used in Far Eastern rainbringing rituals.

    Oriental Steel
    Description: Scrap iron forged in a method from a far-eastern country.

    anyone have any more on stuff like this from Quests/Norg/whatever? Not item descriptions per se but more like NPC speech etc...

    Chances of the Eastern Empire not being in the next expansion are slim to none, IMO.

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    ur sig owns :D

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    should be a cfh'd cassie with gil sellers running around imo ;3

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    Fellowship quest also talk a lot about Far East. But yeah, Tenzen story (and bahamuth) are rather incomplete. I always thought there would be more about it and another expension there seem likely

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    I swear Atre licks the toad in his avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirronimus
    I swear Atre licks the toad in his avatar.
    If you were on Fairy, you would NEVER, EVER, say that >.>

    Tigerlily FTW LOL Goooooooooooooooooooooo Doom Toad! >.> Ribbit XD

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    Is there a general idea of when release of new expansion is? Or just when xbox 360 comes out (i think i hear that somewhere)

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    should be around the time 360 comes out, yeah

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    Where ever my name is..POOF I appear

    Anyway, about the original topic and not the sig (which is still awesome)

    Here are some tidbits and possibilities for future expansion locations..

    This honestly seems to be the most feesable location. Not only did people mention it back in RotZ, but CoP featured a character from there. Also, the end of the game (spoiler don't reach if you don't want it)...

    features a scene where Tezen and his ninja ally discuss his urgent need back in the homeland. There is much trouble there.

    To me that sounds like the starting point for your character to go east and help out.

    This will be done at some point I think...
    even the possible title of the new expansion which has been leaked sounds more mithran than anything.
    The "south" is the true homeland of the mithra. Kaz and such are just towns. So maybe we'll see a storyline there?

    The far north is the land of the giants/gigas. They were recruited and brought into our lands by the shadow lord. So there is a whole place up there full of giants..
    that might be a fun locale, something like the giant land from Mario 3

    The moogles talk many times in events and in one of the mh quests about a moogle town. Maybe we'll get to visit that one day..
    hell maybe they'll be a race of moogles we can play as though I doubt it.

    There is also the possibility for a galka plotline. At the end of the Bastok missions there is a lingering question brough by Zeid regarding the "rebirth" of the Galka. Apparently when a galka goes off to die, he vanishes and soon there after another galka which bears some resemblance returns but with no memories of the other.
    He brings to question if they are really reborn at all.
    This mystery could be one of the storylines for the future too.

    THE SAGA OF PHOENIX: Whatever the next plots are, I'm 10000% sure we'll see a plotline regarding the rebirth of Phoenix. I think we got a hint at it, but I'm pretty sure SE won't just do that. someday we'll have our good ol' firebird in a physical form.

    Well, if you look at the star charts we know Alexander and Odin are somewhere. I don't know where they would be, cause they both sound like they'd be from northern lands...
    but hey, they could come from the south too..
    but I think we'll see Phoenix before them anyway.

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    love your site, kerrigan :D

    best thing ever to read if you're bored at work, heheh

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    Atre! Get on KI LOL, they made a ytmnd for Ryko LOLOL

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    I saw, marc XD

    Question: Does anyone have any good shots of Vanadiel from space (taken during the last CoP BC) that would indicate landmasses not part of the world shown on /rmap? I'm not currently on that PM so all I can come up with is this:

    neither of which seem to indicate anything.

    I've never seen anything south of the mhaura<>selbina ferry either.

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    [removed broken link]

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    wow thanks... i suppose you can see a bit of stuff to the northeast of qufim as well as on the very east side of that picture, but the way it displaces the map it certainly gives the impression that the vanadiel we know is only part of a much larger world.

    edit: hmm, after looking at this I don't see anything new...
    [removed broken link]

    oh and...

    from S-E's main page thinger
    The Gigas were originally from an island far to the north of Quon. Every few decades, the Gigas send a large ship to Qufim to attack the Hume settlements. Their goal is to retrieve supplies and slaves to take back to their homeland. Before the Great War, the Shadow Lord recognized the potential that lay in the giants, and hired a large number of them to fight as mercenaries. After helping to construct Castle Zvahl, the Gigas led the beastman frontline in laying siege to many of the allied forces' fortresses. However, when the beastmen lost the war, the remaining Gigas were left trapped, unable to return to their homeland in the north. With nowhere to go, they set off for Qufim and Delkfutt's Tower, where they remain today--out of reach of the allied armies.

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    I haven't looked around much, but maybe somewhere along the line there's one of those "exits" in Uleguerande Range that has yet to be used? Like what now is Movalpolos used to just be a hole in the wall, similar to the one in Batallia Downs that is still unused.

    Perhaps we'll be able to go further East through Kazham, Attowha Chasm, or other areas @.x

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    Norg ship might be used too. We learn in CoP ending that Tenzen is taking the ship to his homeland from there. I guess sealion den could also be used to go somewhere (beside Al'taieu).

    Another zone that would probaly be opened is the one in lufaise meadow to the north of treant area. It's likely they will open the way at some point to the old city.

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    My thoughts on new avatars follow SC lines, with basic existing avatars representative of Lv1 SC effects, and perhaps Dual elemental avatars representing Lv2 SC effects to be added

    Imagine Non elemental (light) and non elemental (dark) for Lv3...

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    Acutally on Kazam island there is still parts you can not explore. Think about that little part with a gate right as you leave city to the right, and that gate that is gaurded in city, that to this day you can't access.

    And on that map of the world, if you compare it to the map we know, you can definatly see something at the very upper left edge. More land for sure imo. And it kinda makes sense that there is alot to the world we don't know, because a game that is meant to go on forever needs constant room for growth. Look at EQ, they've added different planes that can only be reached via spell, and venturing to their moon. As long as thier are a million people giving them 13bucks a month they will constantly bring out new stuff to keep thier loyal fan base happy. I know people still to this day that play the original EQ daily.

    So many of the storylines are left open ended in a certain sense to leave all those different possibilities. And this all kinda makes sense when you think about it. Game opens up with seeing Tav fall, but original missions didn't take on much about zilart at all, while quests did hint to it. Then RoZ came out and you delt more intensively with Kuluu and Zilart, which really was just further continued into CoP since it was the Zilart pushing things along yet again. While introducing more info of the Far East. Finally leaving it open ended with something major happening there.

    Also with the introduction of new lands is where they will introduce the new jobs, and possibily down the road maybe even new races. As other online games proved, it's never too late to introduce a new race if it keeps people occupied in game at trying something new. This game still have many many doors that they left open to explore with existing storylines they have introduced, and alot of clues are there of where they will eventually go.

    Ex: all past final fantasy buffs would know that when Pheonix is talked about, the Cradle of Rebirth that is a firey mountain top, has to be more than just 1 mission and ENM spot. That will definatlly play a role in the Bringing of Pheonix (who was already refered to as a terestrial avatar, naming carbuncle, fenrir, diablos, and bahalmut as the other 4) back into a whole being. Which also brings about why would they allow you to have 2 of the 5 terestrial avatars and not the others? So many things that you know will come to be, just a matter of when. Signs are already there, leaving the door open for them to use it.

    Oh or why you have the 6 elemental avatars, but no "true" light and dark avatar. Fenrir is the terestrial avatar of the moon, and carbuncle is of the rainbow, but not light and dark. And if you go to Eldeme Necropolis the 6 elemental avatars names are used on gates, but suprise, not fenrir or carbuncle, instead you see Odin and Alexander. Stuff like that keeps the mind going on things for the future. Possibly even WAYYYY down the road, but left open for it.

    And really i heard alot of people complain about how they released the CoP missions, but actually i think it was good that they split it up some. Spreading out new game play while getting ready for next, keeps people getting new installments while waiting for the next major story line.

    Umm yeah, i guess i'm rambling now, could probably go into 100s of storylines and serious hints of dirrections they will take in the future. But it's all mute at this point really, just wait in anticipation and explore individual hopes of what might come with each new storyline, update, addition to the game.

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