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    Sea Torques
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    Shadow Gorget

    (*'-') Anyone have some extensive information/data on the use of the weapon skill gorgets? I wanted to get one for Asuran Fists, but... I'm not sure which element it is - so if anyone has one, has one that works with asuran fists, or something that's relevant - drop it here. Now. Ok now gogow

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    Sea Torques
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    Jul 2004
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    It's not, cause Combo/Oneinchpunch... I thinke verything but shoulder tackle, is grey/white looking normal color thing.

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    WS icons reflect the element of the additionnal effect if any, not the element of the WS itself. All HTH WS are white blank icon except for the stun (lightning, pink) Shoulder Tackle.

    Those gorgets aren't that simple to trigger.

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    I thought I heard someone mention that Asuran Fists was Gravitation primary (Earth/Dark) with a Fusion secondary (Fire/Light). I may be wrong about the secondary, but I'm almost positive that either an Earth or Darkness Torque will work with Asuran.

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    Sea Torques
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    Jul 2004
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    Well, I'm 3 phuabos and 2 yovras from shadow, so I'll check Ten/Ku/Ei etc

    Especially Blade: Ei.

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    Jul 2004
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    On topic: the guy with the Spharai had a Light gorget, not dark. It could be light based, like the icon describes.

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    Asuran Fists is Dark based, theres no way asuran fists could do light in a 2 person sc.. i would say its Dark primarily and Light or Transfixion(sp?) secondary/ Fusion.

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    The SC elements of Asuran Fists are Darkness and Earth, so I'd guess a darkness gorget for it. I've been trying to get a Darkness gorget also for when my monk is high enough to use it, although everyone I know at Sea is a bit....reluctant to fight a Yovra.

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    Asuran Fists is Lv1 Fire and Lv2 Gravitation (Earth+Dark)

    However that isn't how you trigger the latents, unless the latent effect is so insignificant that the loss of 3 STR from a spike necklace means more damage. (I have Shadow, Flame, Soil, Snow and Breeze)

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    The SC element doesn't trigger the latent?

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    Did pretty extensive tests, doesn't seem to help, whether solo, in skillchains causing the matching element, on the matching day of the week, in the matching weather... Makes me wish latent effects were in dat files, but apparently its all server side.

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    ......are you trying the gorgets with single hit WS or multi hit? From what I hear, they add .1 to the WS modifier, meaning it has crap boost for single hit WS, and good boost for multi hit.

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    Full Swing, Dragon Kick and Asuran Fists, that pretty much covers the range.

    A SAM tested some also and couldn't tell a difference on Gekko or Kasha.

    I've seen lots of hearsay about this but nobody seems to have real first hand experience with how they actually work, and there's lots of theories that are simply false.

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    And it had no noticable boost to asuran fists? Blech, what crap for something so annoying to get.

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    Well my guess is this is because guesses on the latent trigger are wrong, as opposed to the latent effect being super weak.

    Somepage for example still says each gorget boosts only WS of that element on the matching day like the obis boost spells, which is nonsense (tested with Soil earthsday and Rock/Earth Crusher, earth damage WSs with staff).

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    Earth/rock crusher are impaction(thunder) SC element.

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    Noticed somepage actually updated their info on the quest, so my statement earlier wasn't accurate.

    What they updated to still clashes with my test results though.

    Just today I went back to Al'Taieu and did fairly extensive tests on Ul'hpemde (good target cause they're weak, fairly small level gap, no abilities that affect def except the open face).

    I did 5 WS (Asuran Fists) with no neckpiece, 5 with Flame, 5 Soil and 5 Shadow (everything else the same, same food) and noticed no increase using any specific gorget over another. I factored the exact level of each mob by noting down the exact xp (53, 57, 61 and 72, to lv75) and the number of hits for AF. Those 3 gorgets cover all the skillchain properties of Asuran Fists, so if that's what triggers the latent it would be one (or all) of them.

    To get absolutely conclusive results I'd need more than 5 WS per setup, on mobs of the exact same level, using a WS with small natural damage variation (ie not Asuran Fists). Still, if I can't even notice a difference after the tests I did so far, it doesn't seem like I'm hitting the trigger unless the difference is just completely insignificant.

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    Asuran Fists is gravitation based, so I don't see how a flame gorget would enhance it. Was the damage significantly different then when you aren't wearing the gorget?

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    Asuran Fists is Liquefaction as a Lv1 and Gravitation as a Lv2.

    Most WSNM WS are like that, a Lv1 and a Lv2. So all 3 of those gorgets reflect the skillchain elements of the WS.

    Also like I said in the last paragraph (maybe a bit unclear) I saw no difference between no neckpiece or any of the gorgets.

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