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    Help 85 to 100 Cloth~

    It's my first topic and sorry that its a request 8)

    And I'm sorry in advanced if this topic already exist.

    I saw many strategies in lvling cloth from 85 to 100, but i would like to see a new one here from a high clothcrafter, maybe i could find one with the new recepies/cheaper "yeah nothing is cheap at this lvl"



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    arhats to 88
    g.bird fletching to 93
    elite beret to 95
    dance shoes to 98
    rasetsu body to 99
    errant capes & blessed body & dalmatica to 100
    i gues?

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    That's the common path, or study what got you to 85 and find alternatives.

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    Not that high myself, only 54, but sometimes studying what recipies are available will help you a LOT.

    If you're a person who prefers to purchase materials, go for the ones without a severe critical loss, but are still practical.

    If you farm, find out which ones are easily attainable [regardless of time span if that's not an issue]. (This is personally what I do, and in doing it I saved myself 1 level of NOT doing Green Ribbons).

    If you don't care, find a medium between the two.

    With my current endgame status of refusing all participation in Sky/HNMLS on this server, I have a LOT of freetime since I only do Dynamis. Honestly I'm bored atm >.>

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    thanx so much for the reply,

    yeah what i was doing is Arhat's Hakama from 80 .. seems what i got from berticus is close to the studies and the researchs on the crafting skills forums... i think i will go on those skills.

    thanx again


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    That's the PL path. There's also a lot of stuff you can make in the 90s for breakeven or slight loss if you have subskills. It varies by server and by time; when I did it, I went 96->97 at about even because Rasetsu Hakama were in short supply.

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    Also, from 96-98 you can do errant cuffs (for a slightly less loss then Dance shoes by selling to AH.)

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    oki as a sub, so far i have 17 leather & 50 gold .. heard that gold one of the important subs for cloth~ so you think i can reach to 100 with those subs easly or do i need another 1 or 2?

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    Do yourself a favor. Get cloth to 88 (I did hakama's) then just stop.

    Get Smithing to 60, Leather to 60, and Gold to 60.

    Then invest about 100m into cloth and you should get 100!

    This is what I did 6 months ago: (with Smithing and Leather 60+1)

    Arhat's Hakama > 88 (npc'd, hq'd 5 >.>; )
    Errant Slops > 94 (npc'd 1/2; hq'd 2)
    Elite Beret > 95 (npc'd)
    Dance Shoes > 98 (npc'd about 75 pairs, hq'd 1, leveled leather to 60 at this point, skilling up on moccassins and saving them for dance shoes.. worked out nice)
    Rasetsu Samue > 99 (desynthed the fuckers -.- )
    Blessed Body, Cursed Dalma, Errant Cape > 100 (99.6 ; ; )

    I did this a little before silk and rainbow went crazy.. I pity all who do it now.

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    A few tips...make good friend with a lv 100 Goldsmither. Have them HQ gold chains for you, and make errant bodys. Break even/slight loss (if you decide to lower the price.) And if you HQ...well

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    i did arhats legs to 88, errant slops to 92ish then elite berets to around 95, capped out on errant bodies at 96, errant cuffs to 98 with a few rasetsu pants in there, instead of selling the cuffs on ah, desynth them, you can get a decent amount of rainbows back, i think after doing 40 or so cuffs i got back a little over 4 stacks of thread back after desynthing. then rasetsu samue to 99 which sucked ass, 11.4m loss on that shit for me from 98-99

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