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    Wuts the Deal with Gendawa +1.

    Are there any special hidden effects in the Gendawa+1 ? some people says it has some god killing effects bs or something lol seriously i dont believe it but i still bought 1 today in midgard for 3.5 mill ah was selling for 5 - 6 mill 0 in stock. Any1 really know if there is anythin up with this weapon ? >.>

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    I think it's just that it's the highest base DMG bow in the game except for fully upgraded relic bow. I went with Shigeto +1 anyways for the looks :D

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    so it doesnt have a ranged attack cap? so if i was to put like all rattack gear i will will do major dmg if i hit offcourse ? is that how it would work?

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    so gendawa +1 pwnz for gods and hnms ^.^ ??? better then ebow and anything out there ?? archery wise?

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    funny thing how people said it had hidden god effects bs lol >.>

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    LMFAO @ pic!, Nice perfect

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    they're somewhat tough to make btw, i generally get 1/10-1/12 given the right conditions. Then again spending roughly 2-3 mil for a bow worth 12+ mil....

    I haven't made any since the nerf if that says anything >_>

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