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    Attention 75 Monks or Bards

    MNK was the first job I leveled, and is one that I'm really interested in. For some reason, I decided to level up PLD instead of MNK, and currently I'm 73, almost 74, and haven't touched MNK since I got it to where it is now.

    I'm fairly certain I want Paladin to be my main job still, meaning I'll put all of my merit points into it once I hit 75. At the same time, I'd still like to level MNK to 75. My question is, would it be worth leveling MNK to 75 just for merit points? I've heard KRT bone parties get loads of experience, but haven't heard any numbers.

    Can anyone tell me how much exp/hour a KRT MNK bone party can get under ideal conditions? Thx.

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    why not, people lvl bard for fast merits only, those are the crappy bards.

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    I get 9k per hour minimum including breaks and "mishaps" (lol). It's really fun too. When in combat, we pull in about 11-12k an hour and we're almost at peak rate because after the first ~30 we are pulling on repops to continue the chain. There are routes that can yield up to 14-15k an hour but don't have an infinite chain (they max out at like 60?) but I enjoy trying for the infinite chain. Someone I played with recorded a vid of chain 25->47 or something and posted it but we crunched our hoster's bandwidth...oops. If that comes back up I'll link it.

    HOWEVER. You're going to have to spend hundreds of hours and a LOT of money getting your monk to this level. For example, my monk right now has somewhere around 40-50m gil of equipment, and I'm looking at dropping another 20-30m because compared to my mnk mates I'm gimpy mcgimp.

    Also, reputation is very important; if you don't have god equipment (I don't) you'd better have a really good rep or know lots of people (I do) or else you'll only get mediocre pick-up parties that aren't as good.

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    Chain #28 is the best I've done in a MNK pt so far. Ahhh I love my RDM.

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    Also got a chain 47 and 37 over the weekend.

    As I said, these parties are REALLY fun, I practically play nowadays for CoP missions with my buds and KRT merit parties.

    Oh yes, I made the second map there, that is what's scored me all my high chains. Also, we don't ever typically run out of mobs; usually we go until we die or otherwise lose chain.

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    Yeah, I don't intend on starting MNK until I have millions of gil. Looks like loads of fun ˆˆ

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    why would anyone level up another job just for merits. you could probably just max tank merits in the time it takes you to lvl up a brd/mnk/blm.

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    Paladin get exp too slowly though, at least in my experiences.

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    Monk XP is really dreadfully slow 50-70. If you're looking for merit fast, stick with PLD. If you're looking for merit fun, go with MNK. If you're looking for both, you could always try BRD.

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    pld can make rng pt in sky, my ls does this quite often, rng rng rng pld/nin brd + any healer (rdm is good for refresh).

    pld/nin uses haubergeon o hat etcetc full DD setup and works pretty well, its not as fast as a krt MNK pt of course, but it is an alternate route for pld looking for merit pt.

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    Popular parties in my LS are Pld/Nin, 2x sam, 2x blm, 1 rdm on RuAvitau Statues.
    Deco weap pts, blm pts, gimp parties, smn krt pts and I have yet to try a mnk pt in the tomb :/

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    ill just say this, dont go 75 bard just to half ass your way and make the rest of us look bad cause you dont want to merit point on paladin cause it takes too long.

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    akiro is right....the only way i ever get merit pts are with my LS, and even those are hard to come by since almost everyone in BG has RNG/BLM/BRD to 75 and can just say,

    "screw amarao....let's make an all RNG or an all BLM pt instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#@!!%!#[email protected]@@@@@@%#@!#@[email protected]#!# oh yea, since we've got space....hey liltwin, bring your drg!! we don't need plds~~"

    *i die*

    The End

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    I got drk to 75 and could never get an exp pt after that it was the last i pted with drk. For some jobs might aswell forget about merits or lvl another job to 75 like everybody else

    If i where you i would exp pt with pld cause by the time you get mnk to 75 your pld could be maxed out on merits^^
    You can also lvl bard if you like the job, bard is a needed job in end game and their arent too many of them. You can lvl it fast and have 2 good end game jobs at 75.
    Bard is the best for merits cause for all fast exp pts you use brd: blm/brd, rng/brd, mnk/brd pt's etc. You can get merits for pld and use your brd when your not tanking

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    I got MNK to 75 with the idea of doing merits for my RDM. Just the thought of merit PTs with my RDM makes my skin crawl... I just see myself falling asleep or alt tabbing to watch porn.

    Anyway, if you want merits fast, lvl up rdm/brd/blm, they get some of the best PTs, brd is ideal since you get all of the fast gain exp pts.

    Average mnk pt gets 7-8k, good ones get 9-11k great ones get 11-12k, more then likely you'll get a good one, even if you have stupid mages 3 good mnks can carry the pt well and vice versa.

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    Some people leveled Bard and actually know what the hell they're doing. Not all people that level Bard for the sole purpose of meripo are complete fucking morons when it comes to the job.

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    I am one of those Brds that levelled for Meripos ...

    Initially I was going to merit it for my Ranger, because Ranger was really sinking my wallet. Ninja doesn't help the bank too much either.

    I got my brd in the 50s before the Rng Nerf... I still play Brd because it's a pretty relaxing job (when you play with ppl that aren't idiots). Which is why I only PT with a couple ppl I know. But I'm having alot of fun with the job, and sold most of my "uber" rng gears to pimp out my Bard.

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