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    Hyper Fafnir
    Kinda old news that the Kings can get really mad, but this just wasnt right.

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    You wanna see a hyper fafnir? Last night Fafnir had popped the first window. Through a series of events, it took almost 5 hours to kill it with over 70-80 deaths continually in the pit.

    Started with JP claim, they were killing too slow before SSJ would go off, but they got a darter by accident anyways. Another notorious mpking and stealing LS took it while they were handling darters, and this is where it was running around the pit. Did 1 spike flail, burning a lot of people alive, then it hit the 1 hour mark with a JP LS having claim and it was at 10%. After this, it started to wipe them, so they called for help with 70 ppl in the pit and him in SSJ mode after 20 minutes. Eventually it regained full health, and another JP LS claimed it. They were down to about 80%, then that notorious stealing LS stole it and then it resumed to run around killing everyone in the pit. I didn't die once while in the pit, but it was really fun to watch an LS kite Fafnir like they were fighting Kirin. Here are the screenshots: ...

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