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    Anyone else beat CoP on PS2? (Glitch)

    I think this is a bug in the PS2 version. I just got my last cutscene in Lufaise Meadows and it was completely soundless. The vocal theme song that was put in the game with the last update didn't play. Everyone in my LS say they heard it, but they're all on PC. Has this happened to anyone else? I made a GM call about it, and I know they can't do a damn thing but say "I'm Sorry." So I'm also going to send this to Square via POL bug Report.

    Just incase anyone is interested in what the GM call was like:
    Sorry, no drama this time. Just a little humor.

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    I can hear the song just fine on the PS2 version.

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    Bah, I watch it a second time through Goblin Footprints and it decided to play. At least this wont cause them to do a 16 hour maintinence or anything.

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    Uhh, is it just me or is that GM a retard and it's Ctrl+R not Alt+R for tell response?

    EDIT: Tried it, and apparently both work. -_-

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    That GM is a dumbass fyi ;o I've had numerous encounters with him -.-;; Talked with one yesterday about a certain incident, anyone familiar about GM Dodry's reputation?

    /cue Rustymetal

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    I got the final cut from CoP on my ps2 and the song was flawless. Maybe you had a problem with the file when you d/l the update? Donno really, but I had no issues whatsoever. Maybe the latest update fucked it up? I beat it like...the week the update with Rajas Ring came out and whatnot.


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