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    X's Knife

    I did the first mithra rematch battle using the Letter from X and got a 10k gil reward. Havnt been able to get the 2nd quest (letter from Y) to activate yet? Is there anything special I need to do or just wait till the next day JP time?

    Also wondering if anybody has gotten this yet could share some info on how well the Crit attack bonus is and if it works with SA / TA.


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    Wait like 2 days or so I think. I haven't gotten the chance to set up Y run yet though, does anyone have info on that or anything after it?

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    hmm, i read you have to beat cop first? lol not sure. But havoc are u gonna do this soon?

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    I want to, but I'm also too lazy to set this up around HNMs and dynamis and all that junk.

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    Have done this a few times, 2nd time you have a possibilty of getting their weapons, we haven't gotten any yet though. Beat it 3 times and all we got was normal attohwa chasm items (eltoro leather, dragon bone etc)

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    so should this be treated as regular ENM fare... 5 day waiting period and all? Just wondering cause failing via letter from shikaree X, you could just go right back and get another letter (still waiting to receive Y, have yet to get it )

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    Hmm got my letter from Y and I have CoP completed. Not sure if you have to wait for conquest tally or few days since I was out of town. Will post more info as I make progress.

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