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    Smells like Onions
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    Just wondering what the deal is with people posting on Big Kills that they beat something but their screenshot shows the mob at like 60% health. Is it just people get to excited over beating it and forget to take a picture when it dies One that caught my eye was one of Ouryu at 62%.

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    The God Damn Kuno
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    I think when some mobs go down to 62%, they just simply lose the will to fight and give up.

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    Smells like Onions
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    Aug 2005
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    Ah makes sense.

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    Relic Weapons
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    Yeah sorry about that ouryu pic, I've been going through my pictures and I really don't have much in the way of drops. We're doing Ouryu again tonight so I should have a better picture I hope. The uploading thing has also been giving me problems :/ Hopefully within the next week I'll have all the pictures up

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