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    Jenova Reunion on Alexander

    They have never killed KB, King Vinegaroon, ouryu, nor any of the 3 cop wyrms, not sure why they put it up there and ranked #9 on BK lol pathetic

    alot of others i am unsure of also

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    If they put no pictures up in 3 days from today, i'll erase them

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    Yeah these guys have not killed 75% of the Mobs that they have listed....they probably should barely have 100 sad.

    They are basically Sky only LS. That needs to be removed.

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    bump they are still on list with fake kills

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    For the record, that fake post was NOT created by any JenovaReunion (or JenovaReborn) member. We keep a low profile and we like it that way. We don't boast about our kills, and we wouldn't want to have an entry on the Big Kills page.

    I came to know of this fake post a couple of months ago when an ex-member saw a post about it on some forum. I went to the Big Kills page to see if I could delete JR, but I couldn't. I sent emails to the address given on the Blue Gartr website (to Ondori?) and never got any reply.

    I didn't know about these forums at all until a few days ago when Skeiron linked to it in a post he made on KI. I registered here, and replied to the thread Skeiron linked to:

    Quelthos / Welt... I don't know either of you personally - but surely you could tell that the JR entry had been made by someone who is NOT JR. Aside from the fact that JR does not boast about what NMs we have killed, and we don't see any need to start - our Alexander community is small and everyone knows which LS has killed what. What point would there be to lie about it, unless whoever made that entry had malicious intent? Thank you for campaigning to have it taken down, but I really resent the implication that we would make fake entries on purpose.

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    This is old, and no one knows who made the BK post, only that it wasn't and accurate listing of the mobs JR has killed. We know it wasn't something condoned by JR, but the possibility that a JR member put that up there is just as good as it being a Reflect member and any other LS member that put it up there. And we'll leave it at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeiron
    the possibility that a JR member put that up there is just as good as it being a Reflect member and any other LS member that put it up there.
    You don't even have to think hard to realise that it isn't.

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    You think we did it? lol Take a look at your own members please, they arn't all perfect little angels

    JR never done anything to Reflect (besides mateo's mpk at nidhogg, but later he was removed? i think) We have no reason waste our time to put your LS name on the top 10 with fake kills. Just stop and think for a second lol

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    No, we don't think you did it, and we didn't say that either Quel.

    I mean I just don't know why you need to post like this. I've always gotten on fine with you and we have no problems between the LS's. Yet you post on here in such a degrading way with your 'lols' and your 'pathetic'. There's just no need at all.

    To the owner of the forum: Apologies for bringing this crap to a place where it doesn't belong. If there are any existing refrences to Jenova Reunion or Jenova Reborn on your website, please remove them.

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    I am sorry milk, but i typed down the initial thoughts i had when i 1st saw the fake posts.

    I really don't think anyone hates JR on our server, no one has a reason to do this besides a JR member in my mind.

    I don't want to argue or cause strife though, since its been removed.

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