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    Players who RMT

    Actually had a fun idea. Ready?

    So i'm gonna make a list of all the people who RMT on Bahamut, based on player reports - and i'll actually investigate personally a little bit for extra confirmation - - - -

    The /Ultimate Goal/ ? - to make a list of RMT fuckers so the people who actually give a shit about the game can choose not to participate with them. Also help HNM linkshells weed out bad applications. I'm not sure about other linkshells, but we don't accept people who RMT / Buy accounts / etc.

    Personally, I'm sick of a bunch of no-skill dickheads walking around acting all big because their slid a mastercard for full HQ shura (ring any bells?)...

    If you think it's a bad idea, dont participate - if you know anyone hardcore RMT - post their name and why you think they do.

    Let the games begin.

    ---------------The List---------------

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    Shyla from OrderoftheBlueGartr. She just RMTed to buy a peacock charm.
    Also the day she applied to BG she RMTed 6m to try to buy a N. head from FI. She RMTed her ninja and thf to 75. And openly admitted it. You can ask anyone from SB and they will back me up on that. Anytime we wouldn't get her an item right away she would IGE it and get it herself. Sorry but a leapord does not change it's spots. :D

    Here's a little quote from the BG join page.

    As for playstyle, it gets a little more complicated. First, no RMT. When we’re not being lazy we’re competent players capable of putting in lots of effort to make our own gil. If you RMT, you’re out. If you’ve RMTed before but can somehow prove you’re a born-again RMT virgin, we could talk.
    Kinda funny she RMTed the day she applied to BG. Have the rules been bent or does BG now accept RMT players? Also how do you prove that someone is a born again RMT virgin. I would really like to know that one.

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    Finally someone with balls (wow and its mwm /shocked) :wink:


    lets keep the train rolling.

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    I bought a Travler's mantle from IGE

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    someone said 'why dont you post people who RMT' so fine. here we go.

    Hhuae - told me he RMTed over tell - "if you had money you'd do it too."
    Godspirit - bought literally anything high price on AH without need for any of it. What blackmage buys a cursed dalmatica?

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    Sorry judah, i'm going to have to ban you from the forums. All you like to do here is cause problems. If you are still unsure of why you are being banned, check the last 3-4 threads that you've made...

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    shyla actually used gil she got from a BG event to buy peacock..
    sorry if making gil via LS events is so alien to you

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