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    I was just curious how it is on other servers when it comes to alliances between Linkshells. On Quetzalcoatl there's a Japanese Alliance between 4 Japanese Linkshells. They've had the run of the land gods for some time now but lately with all the North American Linkshells (of coarse with their own JP or EU players) have started taking what they so believe as "Their" HNMs. Anyways... they do their casual routine of attempting to MPK but generally will fail if there are so many NA players there that will take care of the adds. As of rigtht now there is no North American Linkshell alliance kind of thing but could possibly be an establishment of some sorts where there's an understanding atleast between all the NA Linkshells in the end game. Just curious how it is on other servers.. whether there are needs for such alliances and/or alliances existing right now.

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    Fairy has one.

    Personally I think it's a crock of shit, not getting into specifics.

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    aww.. I like specifics :D

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    the problem with alliances in this game is the different views held by JP and NA players.

    JPs can team up - and killing the monster is an accomplishment for everyone....

    NAs can team up - and everyone says "zomg why couldn't you do it yourself, you pussies."

    on top of that, were all a bunch of greedy scumbags and multiple linkshells would argue about loot. the end.

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    I dunno.. the JP seem rather greedy themselves.. they don't let anyone else get a HNM cause THEY want it for themselves and even then.. the LS leaders get all the good items first

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    FI is the definition of greed.

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    FI? what's FI?

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    p.s. ive decided taht untill i have a byrnie +1 for my samurai - that bikkwin is no longer to outclaim us at fafnir.

    p.s.p.s. and if he beats me to a byrnie +1, i will cry like a little girl.

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    FI is Fantastic Impromptu a JP LS on bahamut

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    The same LSs that compete against each other will team up if they dont have the people to kill a certain HNM at any given time. Pisses me off. One LS in particular (jp), have had firm grasp on HNM for many many months. LSs wouldnt even bother to camp against them pre-patch. We outpulled Nidhogg from them for the second time in a row last night, and what they a GM on us for botting. yeah, greed exists in JP shells too. Hell, 90% of their members have 2-3 full cursed sets.

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    On Ragnarok, there are 2 separate teamups between 2 Japanese LS' and 1 teamup between 2 English LS'. It is all for Wyrms though, LS' don't teamup for much else.

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    on Leviathan Im apart of the only NA joint-LS King/wyrm LS

    OrangeMilkshake, and we have less drama than a low lvl HNM/Sky LS has

    our biggest fight was over Mbody, and it was solved in like 2 mins and nobody was angry.

    and we've killed everything but Vrtra and KV. I love hte LS, everyone in it is friends w/ each other, we camp against NA LSs and RMT at Behemoth (JP have stopped camping O.o) and our only competition at Fafnir is a JP Joint LS called HighSTANDARD who have had Faf for like 8 months. They havent MPKd us, cuz we dont bot like 1 HNMls tried to do, who got MPKd at Nidhogg once lol, and they deserved it. (course I hate the LS cuz theyre backstabbers, but lets not get into that)

    I love my joint LS, and its gonna be here for a long time to come, currently everyone is getting CoP together! Fuck u Bush! our "nobody left behind" bill works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elemmire
    FI? what's FI?
    FI is the LS that knows I'm trying for my Black Belt items, and searched me the day after Aspid, saw I was camping Adamantoise, and decided to come and claim for themselves two hours into the window. They got the Egg drop and tried to sell it to me for 4mil knowing good and well I had a group there more than capable of killing it. I told them to fuck off.

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    This isnt going so well guys.
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    We'll get it tot I said i'd tank it till we get drop =P

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