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    time spent on ls events, helping friends and your own time

    I am just curious how many persents of the time everyone spent on ls events, helping frineds and doing personal stuff(xp, crafting and etc).

    I have seen people complaining they have spent most of their time doing ls events or helping friends but not sure how common they are.

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    Sea Torques
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    May 2005
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    when HNM are in NA time can spend anywhere from 4-8hrs a day doing LS events on a day off. Even when LS is doing personal stuff i still go sit there and camp =\

    JP time HNMs maybe 4hours a week, if i goto dynamis maybe 8hrs a week.

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    i actually dedicated 90% of the time im on to my LS and in game friends...

    if u see me doing something pointless - its probably because ive been up over 24 hours and i forgot where i am.

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    Relic Shield
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    I've been without a HNMLS for close to a month now, and God I love it. 100% of my time to myself or helping friends.

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    Apr 2005
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    I'd be bored to fuck in this game without one.

    Probably 60-70% of my in game time is given to scheduled LS events, and when we don't have something going on people are usually bitching about boredum.

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    Most of the time Im spendin time/ helping my friends out or doin LS events...Pre-HNMshell I wasnt nearly as busy w/ friends and events after I got my HNM/Gods/Dynamis shell Iv always had has something to do every day when i log on wether it was for CoP stuff, HNM about to pop, gonna do some stuff in sky, possibly dynamis that night...which is a lot to prepare for. So I can say from what I have experienced is Pre-HNMLS you have time to do pointless stuff after reaching the end-game scene you dont have much time to yourself unless you decide not to go to the events or help friends

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    This isnt going so well guys.
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    May 2005
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    lol toti ^^ Kinda like that ungur >.> He was fun

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