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    Merit Points Question

    I was messing around looking at meripo stuff today since I just hit 75, and was wondering something. Say I somehow max out on VIT merits, but then decide I don't want to play PLD anymore, but instead, MNK. Is it possible for me to withdraw the merits I've already put into VIT since I've already hit the maximum allowed in the attributes category? Thx.

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    Yes, but you don't get to use them again. Plus VIT merits on MNK isn't really that bad of an idea.

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    yes but you lose the xp you earned getting those merits

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    Alright, thanks.

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    maxing VIT is like 3 + 5 + 9 + 9 isnt it? i wouldnt wanna fuck up and change them to str or something lol.

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    Yeah I know it takes a ridiculous amount to max any attribute, I wasn't going to. Mainly just trying to figure out how this stuff works; it's hard to understand someone who's every other word is *kupo*.

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