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    Some more literary allusions in FFXI.

    Aegishjalmr, or however you spell that damn thing;

    In Greek Mythology Zeus had a shield called the Aegis, that he would use to create storms and send panic into the hearts of people.

    Leviathan (commonly known... somewhat);

    In the hebrew version of the bible a sorcerer or magician would be known as "One who rouses Leviathan" however the Greek and English translations both have it as "One who rouses the Darkness and Mourning". So that pretty blue dragon is darkness and morning. Hmph.

    I'll probably find some more as I read through this Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces.

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    comes from Andvaranaut;
    A sorcelled ring of Norse mythology, andvaranaut seeks out gold and was the possession of Andvari, until Loki stole it. Andvari hexed the ring and into gave bad luck and pain to all who beheld it. Loki gave the ring, which he regretted stealing by now, to King Hreidmar of the dwarves, as reparation for the murder of Otter, Hreidmar's son, accidentally. When Fafnir killed Hreidmar, he took the ring.

    Wagner told the story of the ring in his famous operatic cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, which charts the progression of the ring from Andvari to the end, showing the endless stream of misfortunes that befalls those who hold the beautiful ring.

    Some have said that andvaranaut is the basis for the modern urban legend about the Hope diamond, which is also beautiful and worth a fortune, but is said to bring pain and misfortune to all who hold it.

    see also: most worthless HNM drop in the game

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    Andvari hexed the ring
    Andarvi's a hacker.

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    Andarvi has Gogodavi.

    Bow down.

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    Little does anyone know, Vin, shit out the hope diamond and gave it to the people for bad luck so He can look down on us and laugh.

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    Re: Some more literary allusions in FFXI.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mekhami
    Assjammer, or however you spell that damn thing, ...


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    Elizabeth Woodville is the Queen during the reign of Edward the 4th of England (2nd last King of the House of York).

    Lady Woodville also appeared in Shakespeare's Richard the Third though Richard, Duke of Glocuestor(sp?) refer to her insultingly as Lady Grey not acknowledging her marriage to his brother the King.

    Edward the 4th is a descendant of Edward of Woodstock, the Black Prince

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    The type of bird in Batilla Downs is called Ba. According to ancient Pheronic legend, a Ba is the soul of a dead person and takes the form of a bird or a bird with a human head. Benu (known as Phoenix) is considered the Ba of Amun-Re.

    Also, one of the Pheronic creation stories recounts that Benu merged with Atum to create Amun-Re, people far enough into the CoP storyline should see the significance.

    Many Gigas NMs in Delkfutt's Tower are named after Greek giants. (Mimas, Porphyrion, Pallas)

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