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    Weird Connection Issues

    I know that none of you guys are probably experiencing this at this moment, but some weird shit's going on with my PC.

    About 4-5 hours after I'm logged in, I'll get disconnected. All POL Windows (if I happen to be on another char) d/c, once I get kicked back into POL it doesn't communicate and just sits there, and when I try to pull up the FFXI US website, it doesn't connect.


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    kill yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scunsion
    kill yourself
    I'll make sure to do that.

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    I've decided to repost what Scunsion said except... sloganized 8)
    «Think. Feel. Kill yourself.»

    LOL I like this one better though
    «kill yourself, the clever way.»

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    «Kill yourself - Think different.»

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    i have kinda the same thing, my internet will be fine but FFXI will just disconnect itself, i'll R0 and it will go back up and R0 again and eventually DC. pain in the ass

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    Same, last night I got kicked without even R0, just severed and back to login screen.

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    this has been happening to me before the servers have gone crazy, though

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