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Thread: Beaucidine Extensions?     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    Beaucidine Extensions?

    Ok so our Beaucidine trips are always shorter than our regular runs. Every dynamis can be up to 3.5 hours long if you obtain all the extensions. However our runs were always 3 hours.

    Last Saturday we cleared the fomor area and found one more extension up there. But that only brought us up to 3hour15. There's one extension we are missing.

    Any ideas where it is?

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    I'm sure someone's gonna end up posting after me and ruin my moment, but if you know the layout of Beaucedine and extensions you should have a pretty good idea of where the last extension is.

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    Hai, 2 15min extensions on each beastman "tier" You know where to hunt.

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    There's a map on the net with all extensions marked. Gogo research.

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    CoP Dynamis
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    Edit: didn't read it all the way through; Im pretty sure there is 1 further int he shadow area. We ahvent been able to get it yet tho.

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    2 eye extensions in hydra area.

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    It's the 2nd Hydra we haven't found. We found the one up near Nue tower. But there's another. Someone told me that it's near Xarcabard zone, but we're positive we've pulled that area and gotten nothing.

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    I have a name -.-

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    Yeah, nicholas, thats what I originally edited. Kill all the eyes on the right of the first ramp, then north. after all eyes (10~ or so) die the ext pops. One pull is a 100% sacrifice pull, links 4 eyes.

    Will take pics and/or show you with Bandit (If he has key items..) if you want.

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