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    ENM : Pulling the Plug

    After being raped on this ENM, I would appreciate any feedback from other adventurers who have tried to tackle this ENM. It's the Promyvion-Vahzl one.

    Jobs that we could bring and what we had used

    1: PLD or NIN (NIN)
    2: THF or RNG (RNG)
    3: RNG or RDM (RNG)
    4: WHM or BLM or BST (BLM)
    5: SMN or THF (SMN)

    We're trying again tonight with nin, rng, bst, rdm, smn.

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    No sixth?

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    E. Body
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    Aug 2005
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    I'd recommend the RNG> THF combo and go Distortion SC with Freeze MB. We did that on a few of the NMs and it raped it. BLM might die, but if the SMN uses Earthen Ward and Blink, the BLM might just survive.

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    I did this once as NIN, DRG, RNG, BRD, RDM and SMN and thought it was really easy. I didn't arrange it and was following instructions but the general idea was to range and avatar attack the coloured orbs in Dem>Mea>Holla order. Everyone has to stay squished against the wall and you can't heal or they tractor you in and empty seed you x however many is left. I really, really enjoyed this ENM, reminded me a lot of the Copycat BC where you need a defined strategy laid out and have to take it slow to win.

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    I manaburned the Copycat one on accident 'cause I got the wrong orb. <3 being charmed.

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