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    Mob kill order

    I know the kill order for mobs, as initialyl posted on DCA, but I remember a post where people had improvements on it. Anyone got a link on what order to kill mobs in? Heheh or wanna post their order.

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    We go in this hierarchy:

    Kill ASAP: Bst, Blm, Smn

    Kill Last: Mnk, Nin, Whm

    All other jobs kill in between these two groups.

    We kill bst first because their pets suck. We kill blms first because aga spells suck. We kill Smn first because Astral Flow sucks (and we want to make sure they die before the avatars wake).

    We kill nin/mnk last because they have the most destructive 2 hours if something goes wrong with the stun order. We kill whm last because benediction wakes up slept mobs.

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    We do it almost same as you guy, but kill SMNs before anything whatsoever, a BST pet may be annoying, but better than an Astral Flow.

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    Yea we've taken to assigning rdm to sleep avatars away from the main group, and do nothing but watch them. Whenever we do wipe it's to Astral Flow.

    I can't think of any pull that has smn and bst in it, so generally it's not an issue.

    I hate bst pets though. Especially slimes in Jeuno. Paralyzga blows.

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    Also for dynamis Xarcabard, PLDs should have priority up there with BST SMN and BLM. Resist sleep + the fact they cure the mobs means hell for any group under 30. Maybe not an issue for dynamis shells with 45 or more ppl.

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    I agree with Nicholas. First to die: BST, SMN, BLM. Last to die: MNK, NIN, WHM.

    For the middle 9 jobs, I'd tend to deprioritize THF, because perfect dodge means a ton of melees whiffing (and half of them are idiots and don't realize, and try a WS and whiff).

    If you don't have a fuckton of sleepers, I'd prioritize PLD (after smn, bst, blm) because they love to resist sleep and mess up your sleepers.

    I'd also deprioritize drg because they pop out a wyvern. While not particularly dangerous, they do take longer to kill than...say...a bard. The key is to reduce a swarm to a manageable number of mobs as fast as possible.

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    HP statue after Mijin mob ftw! Love that shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurik
    I'd also deprioritize drg because they pop out a wyvern.
    Only if WHMs put up Barwyvernra.

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