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    PSD files - the dreaded pc vs mac?

    Quick question, does anyone know if I save a PSD file on a PC and use it on a Mac will it work? I have to do work but I use a PC and my college only uses Macs (fucking Macs!!) so i'm kinda worried that if it doesn't work i'm gonna be kinda screwed...

    Also, would a CD be a good way of transferring files? I could probably use my PSP too if that'll work lol

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    Yes you can open PSD files saved on a PC on a Mac.

    You can use a CD, flash drive, whatever... I usually upload to my webserver and download it when I get to school, but that's only cause I don't have a flash drive and hate burning CDs for like 3 files.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elcura
    (fucking Macs!!)

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    Thanks a lot Almaa, much <3!

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