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    If you see these items, tell me

    Skull locusts
    King Locust
    Mushroom Locust
    Snapping moles
    Helmet Mole
    Lump of Loam
    Leech Saliva
    Lizard Blood
    Bird Blood
    Beast Blood (Not Beastmen Blood)
    Jars of Antican Acid

    If you find any info where these drop or are found, please tell me. Post it, PM me, whatever.

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    I would check drops/vendors in CoP areas.

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    I know skull of locust or whatever is a harvested item.

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    Would be a little silly if moles were one of the new items you can mine up. But if you can harvest locust parts, you never know...

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    You mine the moles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alduere
    You mine the moles.

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    so far the only place that I can confirm is Zeruhn

    but im sure there are more places

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    Mole Broth (Cooking: Craftsman, 50-60)
    2x Snapping moles
    1x Helmet mole
    1x Lump of loam
    1x Little worm
    1x Shell bug

    Grasshopper Broth (Cooking: Journeymen, 60-70)
    2x Skull locusts
    1x King locust
    1x Mushroom locust
    1x La Theine cabbage
    1x Bunch of gysahl greens

    Blood Broth (Cooking: Artisan, 70-80)
    Crystal: Water
    1x Vial of beastmen blood
    1x Cup of leech salivea
    1x Vial of lizard blood
    1x Vial of bird blood
    1x Vial of beast blood

    Antica Broth (Cooking: Adept, 80-90)
    Crystal: Water
    1x Block of gelatin
    2x Antica robes
    2x Jars of Antican acid

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    Got the antican acid drop (at least I think thats what it was called) while leveling NPC's in w. altepa (east has the gate crystal, right?) desert (off one of the highest level anticans)

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    If you manage to HQ some jugs I will love to buy a few. My cooking is capped at 60.

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    I HQed the Antican broth last night first try (gogo taru luck) I haven't had the chance to give it to a BST to use...

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