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    Smells like Onions
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    Question about a Weapon Skill.

    I have a question about a Weapon Skill...that I use a lot...This confuses me greatly...
    Tachi: Jinpu, What governs its strength? I do a wide variety of damage on this.

    The Wild Rabbit takes 155 points of damage. (-.-)
    The Beach Pugil takes 970 points of damage. (Better...)
    The Ochu takes 724 points of damage. (Uh huh...)

    Thats with the mobs having Full Hp...

    The Beach Pugil takes 251 points of damage. (It had eigth of its hp)
    The Midnight Wings take 170 points of damage. (Not that much HP at all)

    The Midnight Wings take 628 points of damage. (It has full HP)

    What in god's name governs this >.< Everyone I asked...doesn't know...

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    If its multihit its because not all the hits are connecting before it dies.

    For example

    If a mob has 500 hp and you use say... penta thrust. If that penta does 200 dmg a hit, it would only do 600 damage because the mob is dead after the first 3 hits. But say another mob has 2000 hp and penta still does 200 dmg a hit, it would do 1000 dmg because all 5 hits connected.

    But thats only if tachi:jinpu is a multi hit ws, if its not then i have no clue.

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    Jinpu is a two-hit WS, miss one hit and odds are it'll be weak, noticeably too. Both connect it should be moderate damage, however if both connect and one or two critical, the damage would be significantly higher.

    SA/TA works with all SAM WS I believe, SA would at least guarantee the first hit to be a critical and connect (well, under most circumstances). As for the rest I have no idea, I don't play SAM (gogo lv.19 sam <.<), I just know Jinpu's a 2-hitter :3

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    Melee Summoner
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    Yeah, the mobs are dying before you get off your second hit. >.> It'd be best to try on EP or DC.

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    Salvage Bans
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    Yeah, it's 2-hits so it is in part based on if you landed both hits are not. Also, it is a wind-elemental based attack, so you'll generally do more on the bat than you did on other mobs.

    And of course, TP does play a factor, as does the chance of getting a double attack or a crit or whatever else in there.

    There might also be different modifiers, but I don't care, I just use Jinpu when I skillup GKT cause it looks cool.

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    Smells like Onions
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    Well, thanks guys <.<
    Wanna tell me what Governs Koki through Kasha? :D >.>;;
    Nah, you don't have to if you don't wanna, I just like knowing everything about my job and its <.< WSs in this case

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    If it's the case as Dragon Kick, the first hit is always much stronger. That's why on XP mobs some 5 TP returns will still do good damage, and some will do pure crap. Even on weak stuff with full HP, if I miss my first hit on Dragon Kick, second hit does like 200 damage. crap. This is the nice thing about /THF for SAM during Jinpu times is it guarantees your first hit to connect for critical damage, thus making your average WS damage potential higher.

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    St. Fiat

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    Koki's a single hit with direct elemental/tp modifier...

    Kasha is a single hit modded by TP with a 75% str additional multiplier (highest single additional multiplier in the game, gekko and yukikaze are the same way), no elemental modifiers though it's technically "light based". The damage difference between gekko and kasha is for the most part negligable, and Yukikaze tends to be weaker than the two for some strange reason.

    A weapon skill is essentially a normal attack round, except that each weaponskill has unique properties that multiply the damage by however much. The biggest thing that effects weapon skill damage is crits and double/triple attacks, these are second only to base weapon dmg and your level vs the mob's level. As a side note, I've observed that weapon skills (gekko/kasha at least) can actually crit on top of sneak attack with thief subjob. I don't have anything mathematical to back this up because I haven't bothered to try and parse it, it's simply what I've observed. One thing about having a powerful one-hit WS is that they are spactacularly consistant in their damage. Going from 1.1k average damage from weapon skill and suddenly hitting 1.4k out of nowhere leads me to believe this. But now I'm just sort of rambling

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    Smells like Onions
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    Oct 2005
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    My god....I need INT+ to read that @[email protected]
    But yeah, anyway, Thanks.

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