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    There are a few items I wanna know how to get. All of em really (other than AF+1.. I know how). But specifically...

    nashira seraweels
    DEF:30 Divine magic skill +5
    Enfeebling magic skill +5
    Magic Accuracy+3 Haste+2%

    homam cosciales
    DEF:35 HP+26 MP+26 Accuracy+3
    Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

    loquacious earring
    MP+30 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect

    Utsesumi: San

    anyone have any ideas as of yet?

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    Loquacious Earring is 75 coins to the NPC, someone already said.

    San has been in the game since NA release, keep dreaming, it wasn't added.

    The Nashira/Homam items, no idea.

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    My guess is that they come from Omega/Ultima HNMs. There are parts to each that seem like pop items... and this set looks like god armor for the jobs which didn't get any in sky. DRG/THF/DRK/PLD and SMN/RDM/WHM/BLM

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    hmm.. so you need sea to get all those items eh? I still need like.. everything done -_-

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    I found the monsters "Proto-Omega" and "Proto-Ultima" in the .dat files... one was in Temenos the other in Apollyon.

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    I think the chip you receive at the end of each run could be a "pop item" or something similar to fight Ultima/Omega.

    Both omega/ultima drop 5 parts that are traded to someone (safehold npc?) for an item.

    Considering there is 4 path for both Limbus, you could only fight them once per 2 weeks, if you do one path a week.

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    damn getting those Rare/ex legs with Enfeebling Magic+5 seems like it could be a bitch and a half x.x

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    Ya know, with all this new shit if they're not going to add more inventory spaces, give us some damn more macro lines. Crimony, another swappable RDM piece and no lines to do it >O We'll have to make a macro just to put a set of gear in, then the macro to use the damn spell.

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    ya..seriously.. it's getting a bit rediculous. When I finally get all the enfeebling+ gear I want.. I'll have something like... 7 or so, maybe more, equipments to macro in and out (counting INT and MND+ gear that I'd put in where there is no enfeebling+ gear there). I carry around about 3 sets of full equipment atleast >< Healing Gear (I play the WHM role a lot in exp groups.. WAR cannon or BLM cannon ftw XD), Enfeebling Gear, Solo-ing Gear. Oye x.x I have other jobs I wanna level too but run outta space.. damn SE :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcatil
    We'll have to make a macro just to put a set of gear in, then the macro to use the damn spell.
    I already have to do this, and still have concerns with some swaps (no real way to macro 8 pieces of MND gear for stoneskin). It was a pain at first, but I eventually got used to an Elemental, Nuke(INT and MAB), Enfeebling, Dark, and resting macro. Plus my enfeebling macro doubles for soloing (gogo Igqira evasion bonus :D ). Then with each spell only macro the weapon in.

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