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    MAME arcade

    anyone know where I could download a bigass pack of ROMs for MAME?

    P2P and torrent are not doing a great job

    instead of buying a set of 10-12 DVDs with all the roms, I'd rather do something extremely illegal and get it free from someone.

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    i just use a website and download the specific games i want

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    i could try uploading all my ROMs overnight, but if i'm too lazy to do that use http://www.romnation.net - that's where i get all mine.

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    Yoshi P
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    Pete, is that what I think it is in your avatar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirronimus
    Pete, is that what I think it is in your avatar?
    Why did you have to make me look at it and realize what it is? I could've gone on happily just scanning people's avatars but now I know what his is of.

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    Disgustingly brilliant goatse tribute.

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    bunch of pics under Real-life goatse material

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    blax n gunz
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    If you're dead serious about software piracy your best answers are still the oldest channels for it.

    #1) IRC. If you get into the proper channels and manage to not get yourself booted for begging/spamming it's probaly the fastest and most reliable way to get exactly what you want

    #2) Usenet. alt.binaries.emulators.mame Pay for a $10/month (or so) Usenet subscription service and just leech 30 days worth of posts (which is usually in excess of 10 gigs so have some bandwidth to back up your greed).

    In either event, familiarize yourself with clrmamepro


    it'll help you track your lust for collection completeness between mame revisions.

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    i guess its best i have no clue what that avatar is.

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    it's a man stretching his asshole real wide

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    btw does anyone know of a program that would let me record videos of MAME? fraps doesn't work on it. <_<;

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    well... I got what I needed...lol

    I can start planning to build an actual control system now.. possibly the whole arcade system

    Image edit, Remade the interface:

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    good 'ol japanese and there perversion with cartoons....

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