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    You may now watch Television on your PSP


    God, that's mother fucking sexy.

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    Wasn't there something like that for the gamegear? lol

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    I had a game gear TV tuner. It broke after a week.

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    You can watch TV or videos on your PSP™ system by using the LocationFree™ Player. To watch TV or videos at home, you must have a LocationFree™ Base Station (a Sony product sold separately). To watch away from home, you must have a LocationFree™ Base Station (a Sony product sold separately) and access to the Internet using a wireless LAN. For details, visit http://products.sel.sony.com/locationfr ... s/psp.html

    cool, now I gotta shell out 350 bucks to use it...
    http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSH ... tSKU=LFPK1

    Though I like the idea....until I get a base station for 100 bucks, ill stick with homebrew

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    Yes, buy something that costs more than the system.

    Sure thing, Sony. Sure.

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