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    Question about Leathercraft 89-94 (Cardinal Vest)

    Quick question about skilling from 89-94. I really don't want to spend 80k a synth on panther mask from 90-100, so I was thinking about doing cardinal vest from 89-94.

    I realized that I need a smithing and cloth sub for this, but the skill level requires is unknown. Would anyone know the "decent" skill lv required for these two subcrafts? or do I absolutely need 60 for each right now? As of now, I just want enough skill lv in both subs so that I can successfully synth the vest for skill up.

    Also, is that a good move on my part? Would lvling both subs for cardinal vest cost me less than going directly to panther mask or griffon leather?

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    The highest smithing ingredient is 36, and the Cloth is 58. So you'll definitely need 60 cloth, and at least around 40 smithing.

    And if the price of silk is the same on yours as most servers, getting Cloth to 60 costs a hell of a lot. Not to mention the cardinal vest uses gold thread, which is also expensive as hell.

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    Gold Thread is evil, don't consider using synths that require it >______> Might wanna take a good look at what there is to be offered as far as alternatives. Granted, I'm not a leathercraft so I could be wrong about the vest (Cloth main), but there should be something.

    All depends, for me Cloth's been relatively easy so far (55.1+1) since I have a large amount of free time when it comes to this game, thus I farm my materials. If you prefer to purchase, idea :3

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    (this is mostly in response to the responses, not really your original post)
    re: subcrafts, you're gonna level them both to 60 eventually anyway right? might as well do them now

    re: cardinal vest, check your server prices. its a good synth, if NQ isn't too much of a loss. they sell *fairly* decently, though on asura back when i was in this range, NQ price took a huge nose dive so it wasn't really worth it for me.

    re: griffon leather. sure it'll skill you up, but you're gonna have a *really really* hard time selling this. i'd strongly suggest avoiding it, it's pretty much a complete loss.

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    Why would you make panthers from 90-100 when they allegedly cap at 103 and tiger masks cap at 95. On my server at least wyvern skins go for 40-70k apiece and HQ couerl hides are more expensive than tiger hides (and more tedious to farm if you go with that approach).

    A lot of people do Dynamis on Kujata so I mixed in errant pigaches to 91, tiger masks to 95, griffon leather to 97 (dynamis-sandy/glacier drop), then panzer/panthers mixed with narasimha vests and austere robes the rest of the way.

    If you try panthers @ 90 you're going to break, a lot, regardless of moon phase, moghancement, 90+3+advanced support, etc. Cardinal Vests would be a good idea, especially if the market isn't undercut on them, and other leathercrafters may be interested in buying them off you to make narasimha vests (or hoping for making a vishnu).

    (Edit: Kujata server prices: griffon hides were around 40k, to make a tiger mask or panther mask typically involved a wyvern skin for 40-70k, wool thread (stack 20-30k), ram leather (stack 24-29k), and 2 tiger or hq couerl hides (2k-8k), then the turn around on the masks was about 10-13k sale on AH. Not a total loss but griffon didn't seem such a bad idea on my server, even if the only real use for it is for 1h sword & relic knuckles upgraders).