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    Yasha Samue

    Hi i am lvl 98.6 clothcrafter and for the past 2 days i have synthed 9 of these i was wondering is this a lvl 99 craft cause i havent gotten a single skill up off these. Mysterytour says its a lvl 99 craft while somepage says its a lvl 97. I dunno if i am either on a bad streak of bad luck or its a lvl 97 craft ;x.

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    As kick ass a site that somepage is I have found their caps have been off from time to time. I think the one most people say is most accurate is

    It says 97 sorry

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    It's 97.

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    orz thanks ;/

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    You could have determined this pretty easily with your guild NPC.

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    He caught me in a good mood.

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    There was a thread somewhere back where a crafter stated they got 2 skillups after 98 on this so that's probably why info is wrong somewhere. I got to 99 on Rasetsu and didn't really see any other option.

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