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    Mystix of Remora - do you know him?

    Mystix is a really, really old friend of mine. He was on bahamut then switched over to remora when it was first made. His jobs (last I knew) were 75BST 60something RNG.

    Before he left, I had started leveling BST and quit at level 17, and he told me "until you level BST, you are a noob".

    Anyways, I noticed about a week ago that his account has been active again and started sending messages to know...saying hi and shit. He hasn't responded to any of my messages, and I really want to stick it in his face that I'm not a noob anymore (he always called me "noobeo").

    So uh, does anybody know him? Last I heard he told me somebody stole his account and what not, did he never get it back? Suppose that would be a valid reason for him ignoring me

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    Mystix gave his account to a person named Fortuneone who then refused to give it back to him. The real Mystix then played on a character named spoolin for a while but quit the game. So basically, I have no idea where the real one is now.

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    Oh damn -_-

    I'm gonna send this "fortuneone" asshole some hate tells.

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