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    The Three Paths -> Mithra BC

    I don't know anyone on this mission. Everyone I ask says they're on Sacrarium or Diablos or Riverne Site B or something lame like that.

    If you need this part of the mission, please msg me in game. Someone told me take a PLD and 3 SMNs, astral flow, and it's over. Kuno told me he'd help me so that's one SMN >_> But of course I don't have to use the SMN method.

    Either way if you're on this mission or if you're bored sometime and can help, tell me. I'd like to finish this part of the mission before the weekend.

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    Yea SMNs own this BC completely. I don't have any really helpful jobs for this tho

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    This BCNM is easy as hell regardless of having SMN. All you gotta do is focus totally on one mithra (sleeping the others if you can, Z is the easiest to sleep), then take them out in the right order. If you kill one, you have PLENTY of time to total wipe, reraise, rest to full, and repeat, except this time it's a LOT easier to control two of them.

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    Yeah, lots of people have told me it's easy. That's not the problem >_> I don't have people to do the BC. Except Kuno. 2/6 ._. Going to sleep. I work today, 4-10pm CST. Anytime thereafter is a good time for me to do the BC.

    If anyone is interested in doing the mission or just helping tell meeeeeee.

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    hmmm... I might be able to help, check your PM's ^_^

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    I might be able to help as whm or smn, very fun bc.

    Vid I made when helping ls members with it:

    Our blm died early, pretty much did it with 5 members. You're in good shape if you have /nins or kiters. Just don't let the smn try and kite Buggby ><, I kept losing his interest, even if no one else layed a finger on him.

    Edit: Misread Mithra for moblin

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    2 SMN and a BLM.

    Astral. EleSeal Sleepga. Astral.

    BLM'll probably die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genosync
    BLM'll probably die.
    I know I did the last time I helped on this bc.

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    For all the hype people gave this BC, it really is a joke.

    I'm fairly certain that even 6 BLM could take it down. 2 SMN is just too easy, though, much less 3 or 4.

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    I might be able to help you boobie lady just gotta catch me when im not doing anything :D

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    If you don't have a SMN or many BLM's for this mission, it really is hard. You can use items on the trackers to slow down their WS's, but it only works once. Also, don't jump the gun on the fight. We lost our first battle because our SMN whiffed on his first AF.

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    Got 3 smns. Need PLD or whatever. I work tonight, guys, but I have the next 2 days off work. We'll try to do it sometime when I can get the 3 of you online at the same time + a tank. :D

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