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    As if 10mbps isn't enough

    Optonline going to 15Mbps/30Mbps/50Mbps 8)

    As if downloading at 1.2mb/sec isn't enough, they're going to boost up the speed to rival verizon's fios service.

    The 30mbps service, which offers 2mbps upstream, will cost an extra $14.95 per month,

    15 bux to up my line to 30mbps {YES, PLEASE!!}

    I know a lot of people have this ISP so it's worth a good read if you're into... downloading....stuff.

    http://news.com.com/Cablevision+acceler ... g=nefd.top[/quote]

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    Wow...I'm really jealous, over here we're limited to 256kb upstream..

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    I have verizon and still have to wait about a year to get the Fios optic lines in the area. For existing subscribers its like 10.00 a month if you get phone too its just a 5.00 upgrade. Where do you live, just trying to get an idea on where verizon has the package available

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    They're putting in something like that down here, through Bright House. It sounds pretty sweet.

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