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    Sibertekk ~ A cyberpunk rpg vid game

    After months of doing on and off work on this damn game I've been making.. loosing interest and gaining it back, etc, etc .. and not one person other than the dev team signed up on the forums and only 2 of us use it, it kind of makes a person sad. Please help me out guys.. just sign up in the forums and say hi.. it'll make me feel better ; ;

    http://www.bigbagofthings.bravehost.com please forgive the ghettoness.. I've yet to work on a layout for the site.

    Sibertekk is a cyberpunk rpg game I'm working on because:
    1: I loved shadowrun and gameplay is being based off of that.
    2: There are not enough cyberpunk videogames.
    3: The cyberpunk videogames that do exist are either non rpg or too linear.

    So in dedication to the genre and Shadowrun for Sega Genesis (the best game of all time), I decided to make a game as my next VB learning project. I already have a good bit of progress on things so check it out please. The pre alpha engine and map editor are downloadable along with some of my older projects.

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    Is that rpgmaker? ^^;

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    no I made it from scratch.. making it

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