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    FFXI Status Calculator

    Hey folks,

    I'm looking for accurate data on the base stats per level/job/race in the game. There are a few stat calculators around that I've seen, but none of them seemed to be entirely accurate, especially for the high levels. Are there any calculators that you know of, either English or Japanese, that provide this info? Having a simple chart with the data would be fine as well, or the appropriate calculations. It would help with an upcoming project on that we're working on.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

    -- Cuer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babbs
    Its a little off, but not by too much.

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    Off by a ton for RDM, but yeah I guess it's in the ballpark?

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    The subjob feature doesn't work on that calculator. Or at least, not for me.

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    it works if you play around with stuff.

    set your race
    set main job
    set sub job
    set max lvl to 75
    click subjob pulldown menu

    works for me.

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    It's worded poorly. the "max level" box is used to indicate the level of the subjob (so if you wanted to find stats for a 75 RDM / 12 WAR you could by entering 12 there). Just set it to 37+ and it should give the right results.

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