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    El Nico

    North Al'Taieu

    Hello friends from the Order of the Blue Gartr i salute you from the Shiva server! i write in your forum because i have found some pictures of someone entering the Northern part of Al'Taieu, wich i heard noone has acces to at the moment, i will post this pics, and tell me if this is actually possible.
    This one is supposed to be one of the Swirling vortex used to enter this part.
    And this is supposed to be the zone, where you fight BCNMs, some people say this is a new cloister for new Avatars.
    Thank you for your Attention guys, see you around.
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    it's Temenos and Apollyon that was released in the last patch, everyone with Sea has access to it now.
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    Lol, yes you can enter Northern Al'teiu through the 3 crags now. Each one has a missing crystal on one of the 4 spots of the crags and there are 3 different areas in Northern Al'teiu to enter. That swirling vortex is to enter the Limbus area known as Apollyon and there is also a zone line from there to enter Temenos, another Limbus area. That hallway in your last picture is the thing you walk to, to get to the elevator before you enter Temenos, similar to the area you enter after the swirling vortex. Hope that helps, kind of rushing to type this cause my boss is walking around my office. >.>
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