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    Question to Bonecrafters.

    I'm currently 60 atm and stopped for the time being to lv subs, question is What subs do I level aside from leather? Any help would be nice

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    alchemy is the only other one that is really necessary, a handful use wood, one synth uses cloth, one uses smithing, one or two uses gold.

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    alchemy, woodworking and smithing and goldsmithing are the main ones. i only have alchemy at 60 ¬_¬, relic too expensive ;;

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    To get to 100 you only need leather sub (maybe not even that, forgot). Eventually you wanna get Alchemy to 60 for Igqira Weskits. Other then that there's not many important subs. Clothcraft for Justaucorpse(sp?). I have most subs at 60 though so I can make stuff like Silver chains for Merman Earrings and lumber for certain daggers. It's also good to have subs prepaired incase they add new recipes that need a certain sub.

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    Thank you guys.

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