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    Need Help with Maya program

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to learn the program maya so i can turn some of my art into 3d. Basically, what im doing is following the tutorials chapter by chapter in hope by the end i will be able to use the program for my own needs. Anyways to get to the point, I am having trouble with the Manipulator Tool. In the step by step pictures in the tutorials, the manipulator tool is nice and big and spread out so the X, Y , Z ( marked with different colours) vertices seem easy to select and use. However, when i use the program and follow the steps, my Manipulator tool is very tiny and the X, Y, Z points are all bunched up and when i go to manipulate them, I can never tell which one im clicking on cause its so small and always click on the wrong one. I want to know if there is a way in increase the size of the manipulator tool so that it becomes more visible and easy to work with just like the tutorial pictures. I would apprecitate any help greatly, and ask if you could post here or pm me. I'm using Maya peronal learning edition 5.0 if that matters.

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    where the hell are you? did you quit dude

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    Yes, i stopped playing ff for a while now, gave my account to the LS.

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