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    Break-synthing question

    Just hit 93 cloth last night and am planning my post-plume skillup synths. I'm looking at Errant Slops to 94 and Elite Beret to 95, but after that its tricky. Dance shoes are looking to be about 335k/synth (and will almost double if Spider Webs return to their previous 60k each Christmas high), so I'm trying to see if another method might be slightly cheaper (I know nothing is cheap at this point, but doesn't hurt to look around).

    I know that some woodworkers purposefully break synths with a below cap smithing subskill to save money on materials. Has anyone tried this with clothcraft? The specific synths I was looking at are Errant Houppalande and Rasetsu Hakama.

    For the errant body its 96 cloth 53 gold, and I'm at 93 cloth 44 gold. Would a 9 lvl subskill gap be enough to break it most of the time (my guess is yes), and more importantly, which ingredients seem to get lost the most? Depending on which materials are lost it might be a cheaper route, but if its highly variable or an all or nothing loss it wont be... NQ is probably a 300-400k loss after sell, full break ~700k. Thoughts?

    Same question for the Rasetsu Hakama, though I'm unsure of its sub requirements. I'm at 60 leather and 28 smithing. Viable?

    I have all three guild items. Would packing my MH full of earth energy help much?

    Thanks for the help!

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    1) Raxa loss on rasetsu breaks is 100% (or damn close). Since that's 90% of the cost of rasetsu synths, break-skilling doesn't work too well.

    2) Gold subskill on Errant Hpl is much less than 53. You'll probably succeed more often than you think with only 44.

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    I'm not a clothcrafter, so I can't help with your question, but I am very interested in the idea of breaking purposefully to skill.

    I'm approaching 90 smithing, and I've heard that the best idea is Death Scythes, and my smithing friend told me what he did from 90-93 was he deliberately underlvled alchemy by 14 lvls (so he could still attempt the synth) and decked out his MH with light energy, and since his smithing was withing 5 levels of the cap it was possible to gain skills with breaks.

    Im just wondering if anyone else has heard of anything like this and can support/contradict it

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    Well-known trick. Woodworkers use it frequently to save adaman ingots when doing iron-splitters to 100. Do a bit of research and you'll find many posts on the topic on KI and Alla and probably even in this very forum.

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    hmmm i dont know if these works in smithing, but if u planning making death scyth for skill up, might as well pump the alchmey to 60, and you can probably HQ 1 or 2 during skill up, that pretty much covers lost, since that's probaby the best DRK scyth u can buy on the market. one of my friend HQed 3 errant leg, and 3 elite during his skill up at Cloth. And he actually profited during that stage. unless the stuff u making doesnt worth a shit even it's HQ like iron-spliter, this idea is worth to try.

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    By crafting to break, you'll almost definately not get any HQs... Especially if you are crafting away below cap on your subskill...

    For the 90-98 stretch, I HQed 4 mahatma slops, 1 blessed trousers+1 and 1 cursed slacks-1. These softened the cost of skilling up in the 90s immensely... You'll be crafting around 36-48 to get 1 lvl on average, meaning that you should get 1 every 3 levels (sometimes more, sometimes less)

    Crafting to break is only applicable if it is an insane loss and the HQ is worthless...

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