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    RF Online

    for those that haven't seen it, pretty cool looking idea for the newest online game. Created by SEGA, this game for those that haven't seen it features 3 sides, 1 human type, 1 mecha type, and 1 elf type. the prolog video is nice, kind of reminds me of PSU intro.

    [links deleted]

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    Lol, there have been several threads on this damn game posted. Game is still cool though, even if it's a Ragnarok Online / Lineage II rip off like most asian MMORPGs trying to make it big.

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    Mecha race is a lot less cool then if you could own a mech. I wold have to play it then, but it looks promising as is.

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    people play accretia (mecha) to be gunners and get launchers

    http://static.mondespersistants.com/fan ... 10/126.jpg

    bellato (hume) can lvl into mech drivers

    http://static.mondespersistants.com/fan ... /7/136.jpg

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    Leveling in this game is really tiring, but it's extremely easy to make money for HP and SP pots that're a little above your level so you can go exp in the higher level areas for faster exp. Weapons and gear drop constantly from monsters, so you don't need to buy any from NPCs unless you really need to.

    Once you get to 40 you can switch to an 'advanced job', I stopped there and haven't played since August or so, but I'm sure my account is still there. ^^;

    Overall it is a fun game, worth trying if you want a change of pace from FFXI or WoW. The PvP in the game is really good, and there are solo missions that are challenging and really fun. (You can teleport to an enemy nation and raid their base by yourself, so it's you vs 20+ other NPCs or people)

    So.. yeah, /gg go try it. I forgot what server I'm on, I'll find out later if anyone wants a 'PL' or someone to level with. ^_^

    Edit: Go to the website and watch some of the trailers for the game, they're really good.

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    I like how this game looks, if i was a pc gamer and actually had time for a MMO id most liky try it out.

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    Re: RF Online

    [link deleted]

    This is relevant to my interests.

    But yeah I'm going to have to agree with Kiro's first post there.

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    i remember when someone posted this months ago, from my opinion and beta testing this game it SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS

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