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    Conte Cosciales

    Went to and saw that the synth is 90 leathercraft and they say 54 cloth sub. How accurate is somepages subcraft listings? Anyone had experience with the synth before? Tier1 HQ? Need cloth glasses + apron + support + lv. 60 sub to hit tier1?

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    Those numbers are accurate, you need 65 cloth to t1 consciales.

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    I personally believe the cloth sub to be 53. I made many of these with 52 Cloth and recieved skillup.

    I then took my cloth to 53 and made atleast 10 and received not a single skillup. Although it is possible to get no skill in 10+ synths its rather unlikely.

    But if you wish to play it safe and t1 these yes go with 65 cloth.


    Quote Originally Posted by aurik
    Those numbers are accurate, you need 65 cloth to t1 consciales.
    Can you point me in the direction of screenshots showing someone with 53 cloth recieving a skillup making these? Or do you know of someone personally, your word is fine. I too would just like to be sure.

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    Data on FFrecipe indicates that one person was 0/hugenumber with 60+4cloth, but another person was 61+4 cloth and had 5% rate (2/12 ish?).

    Look on ffrecipe, the testimonial is there, but it's in Japanese.

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