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    24? What about Lost?

    This is the best new show on TV, hands down. Ive seen 24 before, maybe it was just a lousy couple of episodes but it seemed like to me this was FOX news TV's action-superhero. Anyways....

    Does anyone have any idea who the Others are? It seems like the island is a testing facility to me, but testing on people who think they are on an island maybe? Or testing people in a completley conditoned envorinment?

    And whats the deal with that black fog that went up to Echo on the episode that was about his brother and his previous life. Him turning to a priest on the island has been one of my favorite moments of the new season. Its so popular you could make seasons of the show but I have no idea where they are gonna lead this to.

    Part of me thinks they will drag it on till it has nothing to do with the first 2 seasons, and im hoping the upcoming releases are as good as the previous. Right now to me its on an escalating track, each episode pushing it further but eventually it has to drop down or at the very least top off.


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    There is some discussion on the other 24 thread about Lost, and about suggestions on other good TV shows. I'd give 24 a chance...it's really hard to get into, but once you do, the characters and the story-driven aspect of it really get you going. This is coming from someone who watched the first two seasons in less then a week.

    As far as Lost...the only gripe I have now is that Im forced to watch it once a week (or less) and it's really hard on me. I went from watching Season 1, and the first 11 episodes of Season 2 pretty much in a 2 day period, leading right into episode 12 when it aired. So to break that momentum, and to have to wait and dwell on bad episodes, etc really breaks the mood for me. I guess there's no other option really, but I feel the way TV Shows are setup is so counter-intuitive to keeping the feeling of a show going, it's tough on me.

    I dunno how much discussing Lost will help, there's so many angles they could approach the story with, and so many unknown things about it, I mean we're not working within reality here. All bets are off, which makes it even harder to guess where the story is headed.

    Does anyone have any idea who the Others are? It seems like the island is a testing facility to me, but testing on people who think they are on an island maybe? Or testing people in a completley conditoned envorinment?
    Well the Others obviously feel this is their island, for one reason or another. Since this place is obviously isolated from the rest of the world, who are these people? It seems they A) Have also somehow accidentally managed their way here, and have been here long enough to feel they can call it home and their territory or B) They are part of the Dharma Initiative (which I dont think so.) I don't think they're "testing" the cast persay...I mean you cant crash a plane on purpose and hope people will magically survive just to test them on a remote island. I feel it wasn't coincedance that they landed there, but I dont think anyone on the island is directly associated with the plane crash.

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    My theory on the others.
    Dharma staffed the island for some sociological experiment and stocked it with weird stuff like polar bears, the "monster," etc. Something goes horribly wrong with the experiment, strands the staff behind. They become the Others. The computer programmed to run the whole thing goes haywire, causes havoc, orchestrates weird world events, controls the monster, etc. Their original role in the project leaves them believing "It's their island," and they continue to protect the project. They only take the kids because they can trust kids, and can convince them how important the project is. Dunno why they kidnapped the adults from the tailies.

    Regarding truly extreme coincidences like Hurley's numbers, Jack knowing Desmond, Kate's horse, the plane from Nigeria crash landing in the South Pacific, etc ... there is probably some "supernatural" element that can never be completely explained, somewhat like certain episodes of the X-Files, etc except by saying "Magic!" Some things are just there to weird us out.

    Oh yeah -- the monster's a nanite cloud and I think there's still a plant from the others in the group, and I'm thinking Libby. Questions I want to know still that I have no good theory on:

    -- What happened to Desmond?
    -- What happened to the woman who disappeared while the Tailies were climbing the hill, right before Ana Lucia shot Shannon? Did anyone else think this was stupid?
    -- Why isn't Hurley losing weight? (Ok, because it would be hard for the actor to be fat in flashbacks and not in present day, but that's beside the point).
    -- What happens when the numbers run out?
    -- Where has the French chick (Rousseau) been all season? Didn't she just basically disappear at the end of Season 1? Shouldn't they be periodically finding her and asking questions, borrowing batteries, etc.? And why didn't someone find her about Captian Other shouted "Alex, bring her out!" in the circle of fire.
    -- How did Claire escape from Ethan?
    -- My number one question: Why the hell are there so many freakin' repeats?

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    24 > Stupid people on a stupid island doing stupid shit.

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    Need Lost season 2 on DVD now please.

    I don't like downloading

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    Wait wait. So... Lost = The Island of Dr. Monroe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vudoodoodoo
    Wait wait. So... Lost = The Island of Dr. Monroe?
    Lost is Lost. 24 is 24. As good as 24 is, you could easily chalk it up as a rehash of so many other agent movies/tv shows. The difference between 24 and those shows, and Lost and "The Island of Dr.Moreau (actual spelling) is the quality of the program.

    Name a show that doesnt resemble another one and mirrors its good aspects.
    It's the execution of Lost, the execution of 24, that seperate them both from the rest. Just watch both of those shows in their entirety...and they will speak for themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thestalkmore
    24 > Stupid people on a stupid island doing stupid shit.
    The thing about Lost is, if you haven't watched it right from the start you will not have a clue what is going on thus it is impossible to understand it.

    I knew from the first episode that 24 was something special, its the best show on tv imo.

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