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    Guild Furniture

    For the record, i searched the forums first and was unsuccesful in finding the thread i needed.

    Does having the guild furniture automatically give you the +1 or does the moghancement have to be in effect in order for the guild furniture to give you +1?

    I have 7 mannequins, 1 royal bed, 1 Armour, and 3 of those event eggs(they look cool >.>)

    I have overwhelming light energy and get moghancement: Light, would I be getting that +1 from the furniture?

    Sorry if this has been asked over and over again.

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    Need the moghancement for +1.

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    So i would have to remove my mannequins? >< Not familiar with how moghancements work, but does anyone have a working setup that gives them alot of storage as well as the moghancement?

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    you rock, thanks!

    I was searching for Guild Furniture, Guild Items, and Furniture lol...


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