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    Behemoth Knife +1

    I randomly decided to buy a behemoth horn and synth a behemoth knife (don't sell very often and even when they do it's a 500k loss). First time I'd attempted this synth, and was a tier1 synth (I was 11 levels over cap) and I got an HQ.

    I don't know how much to sell it for, because frankly, it's a bit shit and if somebody could afford to buy this then I'm sure they could afford to buy something a lot better.

    Any advice?

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    one sold a few days ago on quetz AH for 12.8m, the only other sale before that 10m and wasn't too long ago either.

    So 10~15m mebbe you could get.

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    i remember when that knife used to be one of the best then new shit came out.

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    Ya lol. It fucking sucks now.

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