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    Figure everyone needs something different to read then the 50 page flame threads. So I figured I would start a thread about Everyone's Rancor =P seeing who has what hate.

    Kinda weak but heres mine.

    I give it 30 minutes before I get a Gtfo card

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    No, because that's pretty fucking awesome.

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    Geno approves, no cards shall be played

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    Oct 2005
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    2500 DMG would get you a "GTFO" card.

    22500 DMG gets you a "WTF have you been doing to those poor tonberries" card.

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    That damage is fucking insane O_O

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    I demand my own Kuno card >_> That was solo damage also. Normal Grudge hits me for about 2100ish. About a month ago Sozu hit me for 2400 =/ Just no SS

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    Ive taken a Grudge for 2400 from Sozu recently. 8)

    I'm a BLM.

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    Boo you get easy hate =P I got all my hate from killing tons as my monk. You can just nuke and sleep as a monk I always get 1 shotted =/

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    Mr. Bananagrabber
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    I got hit for 7000ish Rancor the other day. workin my way up, havnt reset hate once yet.

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    The God Damn Kuno
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    You know that Fenrir takes 1/2 dmg right........................ lol

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    Mine was all solo hate all those SS had other people with them.

    and i thought it was Carby who took half dmg O.o; maybe im just trippin

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    i lol'd at this

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    hahaha I remember that day... Good ol' Mini always gonna Diaga those darters after a sleepga =P

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    wow that is nuts.. im suprised it can go so high, for some reason I thought there was a cap

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    Oct 2005
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    I wanted to see how high my hate would go but I had to tank ZM4 for someone now that I leveled NIN -.-;

    I took a couple 800 grudges on the way in though, dunno how much rancor that equates to.

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    Melee Summoner
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    Sep 2005
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    actually that picture with all the dead people is xtreme of shiva server.. they ran there mouths off one to many times and just happened i was solo that day for tod and they pulled darters. diaga ftw :D

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    Come on.. no one has any high dmg taken? I will go back tonight or tomorrow and see how much I can get. ;D So fun to camp Sozu with me

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    Blue mage should get this >_>

    Get dmg for every noob that dies in Valkurm! ITS HOW YOU KILL AV LOLLERBATE

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